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Information Portal of Ahmedabad, INDIA Home Site Map Contact Us/Fee Structure was the first Real Estate Portal (Launch Date: Oct 15, 2003) of India based on Java/J2EE Standards. Since it is java based platform the useability and consistency in software can be felt in every day use. We place all kinds of Real Estate Advertisements. also hosts Motorcycle and Car Advertisements. Advertisements can be placed by filling on-line form and they can also upload photos through on-line form.  Website has advanced search facility by which one can search properties by location and property type. Real Estate Property Developers can place Panoramic Street View of their Project which currently no website in India does that.
Portal has a photographic album of all the major attractions in Ahmedabad. It has total of 600 photographs of major streets, museums, lakes, river, parks etc. Perhaps is the only portal in the world that has this comprehensive photographs of one city.  Another unique feature of photo album is that one can search landmark buildings photographs through advanced search facility and you can browse photo albums which are 2 years or older. in 9 years had 2 million hits from all around the world. 
In 2006 our website won Jboss (Red Hat, Inc., USA) Honorable Mention Award.

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Java FX Video Application - 2016

This is a small video player app using JavaFX. JavaFX has lot of capabilities like:
- Animation
- Java 2D Graphics
- Java 3D Graphics
- Video Streaming
- Audio Streaming
- Swing Components and much more.
It can also connect to database using J2EE Architecture.

The Application Server is JBoss 4.2.1GA on RedHat Linux. Database Server is MySQL Server.

Instructions to view the JavaFX Video Player:
- For OS Windows XP, Vista and 7 having 32 bit OS; JRE (Java Runtime Environment) should have JRE version 8.0 (32bit).
For 64 bit OS Win 8 or 10 same JRE Version 8.0 (64 bit) should be used. . Use Java Plug-In 1.8+ which you can download
from this site:

-For windows 8.1 open Java Console from Control Panel. Select Security Tab. Then select HIGH security level. Below
there is Exception Site List. Input url in the
exception site list. Select Ok and you are done for browsing the Video Application. 

- The URL:
can be viewed in FireFox and Internet Explorer Browser. Chrome does not support this Application.
Photo Album in the form of Applet - 2014

Instructions to view the Applet:
- Most of the PC's and other OS has Java Plug-In installed in their computer. Use Java Plug-In 1.6 which you can download from
this site: Java Plug-In 1.7 and 1.8 does not support Windows XP.
It supports only Vista, Win 7 and 8. Besides from Java Plug-In 1.8 person deploying applet will compulsory need Digital Certificate.
You can access Java Plug-In from Control Panel of Windows OS. To go to Control Panel, click start button and then settings and
you will see Java Icon.
- First Click Here
- A Java Console would appear after 30 seconds
- Then after 2 minutes a certificate would appear and would ask for permission to run the applet
- Grant the permission
- Then you can see the Photo Album Applet
- This Applet is connected to backened database using Servlets and EJB's
- It is a thick client N-tier Application; many interesting applications can be developed using this Architecture

For windows 8.1 open Java Console from Control Panel. Select Security Tab. Then select HIGH security level. Below
there is Exception Site List. Input  url in the exception site list.
Select Ok and you are done for browsing the applet.

From Java Control Panel, in General Tab there is Temporary Internet Files Settings available. Go in settings and make sure to
uncheck Keep Temporary Files on My Computer. This will result in no cache for the applets. Every time a fresh applet will be
loaded in your computer.

- Animation Applet - 2013

Mathematical Notes for Students

Std 3 - Maths Notes                                  Std 4 & 5 Maths Notes (Formative IV and Summative II Paper)                                   
Std 3 - Grammer Notes                               UNIQUE METHOD FOR SOLVING SIMPLE DIVISION

Note: The applet on this page is safe and secure. With the help of Applet we can produce compelling Graphics, Animation and use
Swing Components on our website. So do not be afraid of Applet windows popping up.

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